Ice Tea as great alternative to lead a more sober conscious life

people having fun with ice tae

More and more we are seeing and hearing of people wanting to lead healthier lifestyles, and with that comes being conscious  of what we put into our bodies: one great place to start is the reduction of alcohol. We are now hearing more conversations being sparked up surrounding the topic.

We’ve all heard of dry January –  right? I can’t say personally I’ve completed the whole month ‘dry’, but I’ve given it a go and even lasting a couple of weeks, I was left feeling proud of almost achieving something, and physically I can confirm it does surprisingly make you feel better. There is also MacMillans fundraiser ‘Sober October’, with adverts circulating to help raise money for those suffering with cancer, whereby you sign up to go sober for either 14, 21 or the full 31 days alcohol free. But It’s fair to say, cutting alcohol out completely is not easy. And in some serious cases, cold turkey is medically not advised. Also, maybe you don’t want to stop drinking altogether but simply want to reduce your intake. 

Hearing these conversations more and more is great, but what methods can we use and apply to ourselves? On the NHS website it advises ‘alternating soft drinks with alcoholic drinks’, and we completely agree with that! So why not alternate that association of having something to drink when stressed with a cup of tea instead of a glass or even a bottle of wine. Whether you want to stop drinking altogether or simply want to cut down to just a few glasses of wine a week, here’s how tea can help.

Tea is rich with natural antioxidants, and with many varying types and flavours, you can choose your favourite flavour with guaranteed health benefits. 

And as an alternative go-to, it’s advised not to replace alcohol with a different addiction, for example, smoking. Tea therefore proves to be  a perfect replacement as it’s low in caffeine in comparison to coffee, and has been shown to contribute to a healthier lifestyle with its multiple benefits. Tea is not the only alternative out there. Alongside our range of loose tea we also have multiple superfood latte blends with even more healthier benefits. And if you’d prefer something cold, try out our cold brew iced teas which are rich with flavours but not too sweet. But if stillness is still not hitting the spot we have the perfect replica, our sparkling Rosay. Those flavourful bubbles won’t have you missing alcohol and definitely won’t have you missing those hellish hangovers!