Matcha vs green tea

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Is matcha the same as green tea? Read this article to find out! Below we outline 3 key differences between matcha and green tea. Matcha is grown in a different way than green tea It is not surprising that some people confuse matcha with green tea as both of these beverages come from the same […]

How to make matcha tea

Have you just recently had matcha at a café and now you would like to buy some matcha tea powder for yourself to prepare matcha tea at home but don’t know where to start? Then you are in a perfect place! In this article we will review four different ways to make matcha tea. Traditional […]

The benefits of drinking matcha tea

The benefits of drinking matcha tea Matcha being a traditional east Asian powdered tea beverage is nowadays becoming increasingly popular in Europe and especially in the UK. In this article we are going to summarise what are the main benefits of drinking matcha tea. This non-exhaustive list of wonderful qualities matcha possesses might be in […]