Cheers to 2 Years!

It has been a wild ride these past couple of years, from overcoming setbacks, to major changes and growth, and even a pandemic! But we are thankfully still here and able to provide you with our brew-tiful blends. To celebrate this incredibly special occasion, and to show how thankful we are for your continued support […]

How Women Have Revolutionised the Tea Industry

It’s international women’s day and we’ve decided to celebrate today by remembering and calling attention to some of the women whose ambition, hardship and success have impacted and revolutionised a global industry. Mary Tuke, also known as “The Queen of Confectionary”, is our first extraordinary woman. Born in 1725 in England, Tuke was amongst the […]

Does Sleeping Beauty actually leave you sleeping like a Belle?

tea pot with leaves

We all know that beloved plant lavender, famous for its indulgent fragrance and vibrant colour, and some may have heard of chamomile, a daisy-like flower popular in herbal medicine. But these two aren’t just all for show! As herbal teas, the two elicit calming effects and even help with a better night’s sleep.  Back in […]