Welcome to the new age of tea.

KAYTEA was founded by Kevin in 2020. Having lived in many parts of Asia and Canada, Kevin grew up experiencing many traditional and modern twists of tea cultures. When he first moved to the UK, he absolutely loved the afternoon tea experience, but wanted more variety and flavour. The journey began when Kevin started experimenting with unconventional blends, pairing complementary ingredients that created unique flavours and aromas. When people kept coming back for more of his ice teas and matcha lattes at pop-ups and events, he decided to pursue his passion – to make tea fun and relevant for a new generation!

Our Values

The Beauty of Balance

Our core value is to distill an appreciation for harmony – life enhanced through elevated flavours, variety and community.

Bringing People Together

Worldwide, tea is and has always been a catalyst for connection. We want to place tea back in the centre of focus again, building genuinely delightful experiences with and around it.


Something For Everyone

Our appreciation of delicate ingredient pairing creates drinks that are flavourful and complimentary, using only natural and plant-based ingredients. As a craft blender, we present a wide range of wholesome drinks, from healthy matcha and superfood lattes to indulgent organic ice teas.

Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing

We are getting top quality ingredients from all over the world. Our suppliers thoroughly screen and audit to ensure food safety and quality. Many of our teas are from Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance affiliated estates to ensure ethical farming practices and the welfare of employees. Some of the tea estates even have their own CSR initiatives like this!

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